The Hurricane YS300B Preparation deck is a downdraft prep deck with under grid basement extraction complete with lighting. The YS300B Model is also available with corner pillars or suspended plenum. Does NOT include installation. Finance options available.

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Technical Data YS300B Preparation Deck
External Dimensions7550mm x 3550mm x 3100mm (L x W x H) Extra height required for Ducting
Internal Dimensions6300mm x 3450mm x 2700mm (L x W x H)
Basement300mm galvanized steel basement, 4 rows of grids and 2 x ramps 520mm wide x 2000mm long.
Room Body50mm thick EPS fireproof, heat preservation wall panels at back of Prep deck, 3 x sides with PVC Curtains
Roof PlatesGalvanized steel roof plates
LightingCeiling Lights : 8 x Units x 4Pcs = 32 Pcs x 36W Fluorescent lights
GlassClear tempered glass.
Exhaust system positioningInstalled at rear of preparation deck with underfloor extraction.
Exhaust SystemExhaust = 1 x 4KW centrifugal fan air capacity = 15000m3/hour with vent control device.
Filtering SystemCeiling Filter(560G Ceiling Filter), Floor Filter Under grid (Paint Arrestor Filter) and Exhaust filter (200G Pre-Filter) + (Paint Arrestor)
Control systemMain power switch, lighting switch, fan switch, emergency stop switch.
Noise< 80 dB
Power Supply380V 3 Phase
Total Power5.2 KW