High-performance hammertone paint is quick drying and long lasting. It shows outstanding corrosion resistance, effectiveness, glossy & attractive finish. Our quick drying hammer tone paint is used for coolers, iron and steel components. It is easy to apply uniformly, and best finished through spraying. Available in various colors, it is a perfect decorative paint. Also, our hammertone paint is excellent in hard drying, finish and application. It gives extraordinary hammered effect to metal surfaces. The paint is used mainly in furniture and decorative functions.

Colors Available: *
Size: *
  • 1Liter
  • 5Liters
  • 25Liters

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Key Prospects: 

  • Quick dry finish paint with great hammered effect
  • Good adhesion and high water resistance
  • Provides long-lasting fade-less brilliance
  • Applied on office furniture, equipment and workbench etc.
  • Drying time - Depends on environment temperature, air circulation & film thickness.

Areas Of Use 

Hammer tone paint hides surface imperfections. Also, it gives a decorative quality to the metal constructions. It is applicable in areas, like:  

  • Used widely in metal industry.
  • Effective for lift cabins, steel doors, etc.  
  • Used on electricity panel & accessories.
  • Ideal for bureau goods, automobile pieces, hand tools & agricultural mechanisms.