This is a one component adhesive designed for the woodworking industry, it is compounded with a high quality polyvinyl acetate dispersion giving a balance of open time, bond strength and fast setting speed. D3 Spec rated for out door furniture.

Sizes Available: *
  • 5Kg
  • 25Kg

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*Very good heat resistance  Very good water resistance  Improved creep resistance  Improved solvent resistance 


 The adhesive can be used to bond a variety of woods both natural and reconstituted; it can be used for the production of edgings, furniture, lamination and general joinery. Especially for windows and doors, and lamination using high frequency presses. It is not recommended for structural applications as it is not a thermo setting product. For articles which will be exposed to direct weathering the glue joints need to be protected by suitable coatings. 


AppearanceWhite viscous liquid 

Odour: Characteristic acetic

Base polymer: Polyvinyl Acetate 

Viscosity: 6000 – 10000 cPs 

Specific Gravity: 1.07 

pH: 4.0 

White point: 8° C 

Shelf life: 6 months