1/2'' 17 Piece Kit Single Hammer

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*The impact wrench is used to deliver high torque to either loosen or tighten projects in many industries from automotive repair to heavy equipment maintenance.

*In operation, a single hammer is accelerated by the motor to make contact with the 1/2" output shaft to deliver high impact torque as much as 310 Newton-Meter.

*A compressor is required with an air flow delivery of at least 228 l/min at 6.3 Bar to make use of the impact wrench.

*Make sure that an in-line lubricator is fitted with pneumatic oil (AT OIL).

*Included in the kit:

  • Impact sockets
    • 9mm
    • 10mm
    • 11mm
    • 13mm
    • 14mm
    • 17mm
    • 19mm
    • 22mm
    • 24mm
    • 27mm
  • 125mm extension
  • In-line lubricator (oiler)
  • Connector (1/4" NPT)
  • Pneumatic oil
Working pressure6.3 Bar
Maximum torque310 Nm
Free speed7000 rpm
Average air consumption228 l/min
Suggested minimum compressor HP2 HP