3/8" (Single Ratchet Paw)

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*Professional ratchet wrench, featuring a strong single pawl ratchet with a maximum torque of 69 Newton-meters.

*The handle is ergonomically shaped with a comfortable rubber grip. The dead man switch makes is safe to use in removing/replacing radiators, spark plugs, air conditioning and water pumps.

*A compressor is required with an air flow delivery of at least 114 l/min at 6.3 Bar to make use of the ratchet wrench.

*Make sure that an in-line lubricator is fitted with pneumatic oil (AT OIL).

Working pressure6.3 Bar
Free speed160 rpm
Average air consumption114 l/min
Suggested minimum compressor HP1.5 HP
ExhaustBottom of handle
Drive3/8 '' 1/2"
Torque69 Nm