*Atomization Technology:L.V.M.P/H.V.L.P *Use for: topcoat / varnishes/Water-paint *Available Nozzle size(mm): 1.2/1.3/1.4/1.6 *Optimal working pressure: 2bar/29psi *Air consumption: 6~10cfm

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TTS almighty environmental protection top coat spray gun
1. UK technology launch  the new TTS top gun for the global water-based paint market
2.Apply to paints and varnishes.
3.UK technology classic comfortable handle, showing incredible handling and balance;
4.Innovative trigger design, handle smoothly and comfortable, very easy to clean and maintain.
5.The forged and pressed gun body is compact to prevent paint jumping.
6.Extremely delicate mirror surface treatment, the gun body looks Like a fine work of art.