Colortone Deck Varnish is a lead free water based exterior wooden deck coating for soft wood. Protecting your wooden decks from the suns harsh ultra violet rays and from all the walking traffic. Being water based Colortone deck varnish is easy to apply and cleaning of brushes with water is made so much easier. Colortone Deck Varnish is available in teak,mahogany and dark oak.

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  • 1Liter
  • 5Liters
  • 20Liters

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  • Ensure that your wooden deck surface is dry and free of dirt and oil
  • Remove all existing coatings from the deck using a conventional sander
  • Remove all dust and wash down deck and allow to dry
  • First coat dilute Colortone Deck Varnish with 10% water and allow to dry
  • Apply two further undiluted coats of Colortone Deck Varnish
  • Drying time is two hours under normal conditions of 25 degrees Celsius
  • Coverage is 8 – 10 square meters per litre
  • Apply Colortone Deck Varnish by brush
  • Clean brushes with water
  • Ensure that you seal your deck all round
  • For optimal results we recommend that you give your wooden deck a light sanding in between coats


  • Keep out of reach of children
  • Store in a cool dry area
  • If injested consult your doctor