The DeVilbiss GTI Pro Lite is not only very slightly (± 25% weight reduction), but the performance is unrivalled by using "High Efficiency" use and HVLP air caps work in perfect harmony with the new spray openings. By the new spray technology, the DEVILBISS GTI Pro Lite gun is less sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity. The combination of the air caps and the newly designed spray allows for better air flow in the spray gun resulting in optimum atomization and a perfect spray pattern.

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HV30 - HVLP Max Transfer efficiency

  • This air cap delivers maximum transfer efficiency rates so is particularly suitable for waterborne base coat application.
  • Air Flow L/min: 460 (16.3 cfm)
  • Fluid g/m: 160 - 190
  • Pattern Height: 300 - 325mm

TE20 - Faster flow gloss/lacquer

  • All round gloss / clear coat gun.
  • Flow rate and fan pattern lend themselves towards a wetter application style. 
  • Compliant trans-tech high transfer efficiency (but not HVLP)
  • Fluid tip sizes available: 1.2, 1.3 and 1.4.  For 2K gloss / clear the 1.3 is by far the most popular choice and is recommended by the majority of paint manufacturers for their HS 2K products.
  • Atomisation Technology: High Efficiency
  • Air Flow L/min: 360 (12.7 cfm)
  • Fluid g/m: 170 - 200
  • Pattern Height: 285 - 300mm