Colad Easy2Check® is used to create a temporary gloss on either spray cards (for color matching) or on car panels for panel checking during the sanding process.

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Operating instructions

Spray sample color match.

Spray on base coat Spray Sample [] to create a temporary gloss. Match the sample with the car. Advisable is to also spray on the object to get the best effect. Repeat this process until the optimal.

Color has been achieved.

Sanding / Panel Check

To check straightness of a repaired panel during the sanding process. Simply spray on Colad

Easy2Check® to create a temporary gloss and examine the panel for any defects.


- Decrease the evaporation time by blowing air over the surface

- Can be used in the body shop or paint shop.

- Safe to spray on cured plastic filler.


UV-Blockers in a clear coat can affect the cast of certain colors compared to using Colad Easy2Check®.

Advise is to use the appropriate clear coat to confirm for a final check.