COLORTONE floor varnish is an interior single pack lead free polyurethane wooden floor coating with a sheen finish, ideal for all types of interior wooden strip and parquet floors ie school halls, gym floors, staircases and domestic wooden floors. The high durability of COLORTONE floor varnish makes your floors stain and scratch resistant. Now available in a matt or sheen finish.

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  • 1Liter
  • 5Liters
  • 25Liters

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  • Ensure that all your wooden floors are sanded down by using a conventional sander
  • Remove all dust and wash down floors and allow to dry
  • Apply your first coat by diluting COLORTONE floor varnish with ten percent mineral turpentine
  • There after apply two undiluted coats of COLORTONE floor varnish
  • Sanding lightly in between coats is recommend
  • Apply COLORTONE floor varnish by brush
  • Drying time is 8 hours at 25 degrees Celsius
  • Coverage is 8 – 10 square meters per litre depending on the type of wood
  • Clean brushes with mineral turpentine


  • Colortone floor varnish is flammable
  • Store in a cool dry area
  • Keep out of reach of children
  • If ingested consult your doctor