Approved by all major motor manufacturers *This advanced resistance spot welding system, controlled by a micro-processor, was designed for especially car body repair shops. The welding control unit with digital touch-screen is enabled to display and check all the welding parameters according to the type of tool, the material and thickness of the sheets to be welded. *The c-clamp gun is equipped with a diagnostic sensor which measure the resistance between the points of contact, enabling the machine to set itself and weld any type of ferrous metal without manually setting the parameters. *In addition the C-Clamp gun effectively delivers consistent pressure regardless of the size of the welding arm. *The c-Clamp gun is capable of 450DAN. *An inverter power source ensure consistent spot welds regardless of the power input. *The machine is water cooled throughout, up to the welding tips. The result is consistent heat distribution from spot weld to spot weld. *All job data is stored on the machine and can be printed. Finance options Available.

  • Brand: TECNA
  • SKU: TEC001VAS

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Item 3664
Mains voltage / frequency400V / 50Hz
Phases 3
Mains Protection (delayed) 25-32A
Protection DegreeIP21
Weight 130Kg


Normal Power At 50%12kVA
Maximum Welding Power17kVA
Maximum Secondary Current14kA
Thermal Current 100%1.9kA
No Load Secondary Voltage8.7V
Maximum Electrode Force450daN
Recognition Sensor -
Protection DegreeIP21