Rear View Mirror Adhesive is a methacrylate adhesive that is Ideal for rear view mirrors, aerials, satellite navigation systems, glass tables etc. It is easy to use, with no mixing required. This specialized adhesive provides a permanent bond that is unaffected by sunlight and temperature extremes. It cures to a perfectly clear finish.

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*NB:- Contains methacrylates.

*Can cause irritation to eyes, skin and respiratory system. Avoid contact and use in well-ventilated area.

*Non-Moisture curing adhesive – unlike super-glue which needs moisture to cure.

*In order for this specialized adhesive to cure, it must be exposed to UV light/ sunlight and the oxygen/ air be removed.

*The adhesive must be used in conjunction with the activator pad, for the adhesive to cure effectively.

*Excellent for bonding plastic, rubber, metal, wood etc. to glass. 

*2gr syringe with activator pad.