Garage floor mats are sometimes an overlooked option when it comes to protecting or enhancing your garage floor today. With so many other flooring choices available in the market now, people often forget about the practicality, good looks, and the benefits of a good roll out mat.

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If you need to protect your concrete from the dirt and oil that your cars track in or want to hide some cracks and stains, nothing can be simpler than these. With this in mind, here are ten reasons to consider roll out garage floor mats for your garage.

  1. Protects your concrete from contaminants.  Though this is always an obvious reason, a good mat will protect your slab better than most other garage floor coverings. They are oil, chemical, and stain resistant. They also stand up to abuse if your garage is used as a workshop. Another thing to consider is that being water resistant; mats will protect your concrete from freeze thaw damage and damage from road salts if you live in a cold winter climate.
  2. They absorb sound and insulate against the cold concrete.  Because of their polyvinyl construction, mats do a good job of absorbing sound waves instead of bouncing them off like concrete does. This eliminates the hollow sound of your garage that many people find annoying. They also act as a barrier from the cold concrete in the winter if you use your garage as a workshop or have to venture in to do the laundry.
  3. Anti-slip protection.  If you live in a wet climate, then you know how water or snow can collect on the floor creating a slip hazard. Many roll out garage floor mats are anti-slip and eliminate the fear of slipping and hurting yourself in such conditions.
  4. Hides cracks, stains, and pitting.  If you have an older concrete floor that has collected its fair share of unsightly cracks and stains, then a roll out mat will hide these with ease. No floor prep is needed. Just roll out the mat and watch them disappear.
  5. Creates a nice clean smell.  Many of the roll out mats available today have a nice clean scent. When you cover your entire garage floor with these, they have a tendency to mask some of the musty odors that emanate from a garage.
  6. Easy to clean.  The polyvinyl construction of these mats makes for easy cleaning when it comes to dirt and spills. Oil wipes right up and dirt and grime can be collected with a dust mop or a damp household mop.
  7. Reduces the amount of debris tracked into your home.  Due to the porous nature of concrete, it is always producing dust and collecting debris. Even if you swept your floor every day, concrete dusting can always be tracked into the house. Roll out garage mats will stop the dusting problem. Because they are so easy to clean, they will eliminate these issues and reduce the amount of dirt and debris tacked into your home.
  8. They are light reflective.  Because of their glossy finish, mats are light reflective and will brighten up your garage during the day and when you have your overhead lights on at night.
  9. Good looks.  Let’s not forget this one. Available in many different colors, garage floor mats can drastically improve the looks of your garage as well as the floor. A dull and boring garage can be transformed just from this alone.
  10. Easiest flooring system to install.  They aren’t called roll out mats for nothing. You just roll them out and cut to fit with a utility knife. It really is that easy. You don’t glue them down and you can use special double sided tape on the edges if you want to butt them up tight to each other.