General Purpose Silicone is a permanently flexible sealant that can be used to make waterproof seals for joints, gaps and cracks. It forms a tough, waterproof rubber seal that can withstand temperature extremes from -50⁰C to 120⁰C.

Colors Available: *

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*Colour Range – Black, Clear, White and Grey.

*Not suitable for use as a gasket maker.

*Do not use on lead, copper, zinc, galvanized iron or tin.

*This product releases acetic acid during the curing process, therefore it’s not suitable to use on alkaline surfaces such as fibrous cement, concrete, asbestos, plaster or to come in contact with the following surfaces like marble, granite or any other natural stone as it may cause discolouration on the surfaces. It should also not be used on the back of mirrors as it will de-silver the mirror-backing.

*Not suitable for certain plastics such as polypropylene, polyethylene or Teflon.

*It is advisable to wear gloves whilst applying this silicone as it contains acetic acid which can irritate the skin and eyes.

*Cannot paint over this silicone.