Silspray is a high quality clear silicone-based lubricant spray which is non-marking and non-drip. It will not melt, burn or freeze between temperature extremes of -40°C and 280°C.

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Glue Devil Silspray is a super lubricant spray, with over 1001 uses and here we mention a few:

*PREVENTS corrosion of battery terminals

*LUBRICATES locks, zippers, sliding doors, window hinges, sliding windows, drawers, knitting and sewing machines, curtain rails.

*STOPS squeaking, sticking and binding.

*PROTECTS wood, leather, plastic, rubber, vinyl, chrome aluminium, brass, fishing tackle, guns, sports equipment, footwear, tools, tyre sidewalls, dashboards.

*WATERPROOFS fabrics and tents.

*Can be used as a welding anti-spatter spray.