STEENVAS – THE ULTIMATE MULTI PURPOSE ADHESIVE Imagine buying one adhesive that can be used in heavy and light industrial, engineering, mechanical and DIY applications. Cold welding, adhesive and filler in one. A product with high repairing, bonding, filling, sealing, moulding and abrasion properties. Excellent resistance to water, both fresh and sea water, also resistant to most solvents-, petrol, diesel, benzene, alcohol, chemicals, acids, alkalis, mineral oils, fats, grease and aliphatic solvents. High wear and extreme loading resistance. It sounds too good to be true? It’s possible with Steenvas Epoxy Adhesives!

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Steenvas consists of specifically formulated heavy minerals that form a dense layer of molecules with the specialized epoxy compounds when applied. Each grain of mineral within the filler has a natural organic fat and natural hardener which forms a unique reaction with the epoxy binder. This results in an extraordinary and superior adhesive product with excellent adhesion, strength, durability.

Steenvas is widely used in the irrigation, building, construction, automotive, pipeline and engineering fields.

Steenvas has a wide variety of uses including but not limited to the following:

  • - Cracked battery
  • - Holes in exhaust pipes and radiators
  • - Holes in petrol and diesel tanks
  • - Moulding your own parts
  • - Attaching different pipes together
  • - Stop the spreading of rust
  • - Filling cracks in industrial floors
  • - Bonding various materials together
  • - Anchoring bolts and rails to concrete

It’s easy to apply Steenvas: Preparation guidelines

  • - Clean and roughen surface on which Steenvas will be applied.
  • - Mix a 50-50 ratio until colours become an even colour
  • - Take an applicator and apply Steenvas by pressing it onto the surface to be repaired.
  • - Smooth the Steenvas surface after application by wetting your applicator tool.
  • - For best results, a 12 hour curing time is required and can be hastened by applying heat.