Durable elastic brushable seam sealer, especially suitable for replicating OEM texture. Adheres to bare metal, primer and painted surfaces and can be top coated. For use on seams in trunk, passenger area, wheel wells, fenders, spoilers, etc.

  • Brand: 4CR
  • SKU: Q6.5170.1000

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*Ideal for bonding metallic surfaces and for joint filling of the car body such as on flanges and welded parts of front and rear vehicle. 

*It is also suitable for the inner automobile parts that are not directly exposed to UV rays such as baggage compartment. 

*4CR 5170 is a one-part, thixotropic, rubber based sealant in solvent for applications by brush. Once extruded, it cures fast to form a high performance, permanently elastic sealing compound. 

*It does not crack and provides an excellent barrier against dust, water and humidity.