High tensile strength towel, for removal of solvents, oil and lubricants. Extremely solvent and tear resistant. Lint-free and highly absorbent. Polypropylene.

  • Brand: 4CR
  • SKU: Q6.6150.0500

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This non-woven cloth meets the highest requirements. The advantage of the 6150 is his structure which gives him a big volume.





*Big volume

*Multiple use (chamois leather touch)

*Highly absorbent

*Colour blue

*Raw material 100% Polypropylene

*Grammage 70 gr/m² (6150.0500)

*Sheet Size 38 x 32 cm

*Number of sheets 500

*Length 190 m

*Width 32 cm

*Weight 4,256 kg

*Core diameter 70 mm

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