Colortone Wood Varnish is a solvent based exterior/interior UV protective wood varnish.

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  • 1Liter
  • 5Liters
  • 25Liters

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  • Ensure that the entire wooden surface is dry and free of dirt and oil.
  • Remove all existing coatings from the wooden surface.
  • Remove all dust, wash down wooden surface and allow to dry.
  • Apply the first coat by diluting 10% of the quantity of Colortone Wood Varnish can with an equal quantity of mineral turpentine.
  • Apply a further two undiluted coats of Colortone Woodvarnish using a brush.
  • Under ideal conditions at 25c drying is approximately six hours.
  • Product coverage is approximately 10-12 square meters per litre but may vary according to the type of wood.
  • Clean brushes with mineral turpentine.