The URS600 solvent recycles effectively reclaims used solvent. The clean, distilled solvent can be used over and over. Typical solvents are paint thinner, gun wash solvent, acetone and MEK. With a URS600, unnecessary solvent purchases are eliminated; purchases drop by 90 % and waste disposal costs drop by 90 %. Profitability improves. Finance options Available.

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  1. Pour 5 gallons of dirty solvent into the bag in the distillation tank.
  2. Press start; the heater vaporizes the solvent.
  3. Clean solvent cools as it flows through the condenser to the clean solvent pail for reuse. Residue remains in the heat resistant liner bag in the tank for disposal.


  • Distillation by vaporization and condensation.
  • Automatic shut off.
  • Direct heating - low maintenance with no heating oil to dispose of.
  • Polished stainless steel, corrosive resistance cabinet for years of dependable service.
  • Complete with 3 disposable tank liner bags (LB900C-10) and 1 lid gasket (770-2150N).
  • Sealed electric element with heavy duty insulation.
  • One year warranty.


  • Control System: A microprocessor continuously monitors and controls the work flow. Self diagnostics.
  • Safety: Certified to UL Standard 2208 and CSA Standard 22.2 No. 30 and 88.For use in non hazardous and hazardous locations Class 1 Division 1; Group D.

Technical Data Solvent Recycler 19L URS600

Technical Data URS600 Solvent Recycler 19L
Power Supply230-240V - 1500W
DisplayLEDs Indicate heating and cooling phase.
MicroprocessorControls work flow, Self diagnostics.
Dimensions430mm x 430mm x 1070mm (W x L x H)