The UM120A waterborne spray gun cleaner is equipped with cleaning tools to clean paint from the spray gun, wash gun delivers high pressure water to clean the paint channel, this unit features a water recovery system.

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Technical Data Waterborne Spray Gun Cleaner Auto UM120A

Technical Data UM120A Spray Gun Cleaner Waterborne
DesignFreestanding design.
cleaning mediumHigh pressure water
Paint channel cleaningHigh pressure water cleans the paint channel in less than 30 second at the push of a button.
Outer gun cleaningA manual flow through brush removes paint from the outside of the spray gun and cup.
DryingAir blow gun dries the paint channel and a spray out verifies a clean paint channel.
Water recoveryThe "green" water recovery system features filtering after treatment with Uni rams flocculating agent, COAG-KLEEN, recovered clean water may be disposed of or reused, minimizing water consumption.
Power sourcePneumatic
Diaphragm pump air usage58L/min.
Diaphragm pump water throughput12L.
Diaphragm pump water Pressure<85PSI or 8.5Bar.