The FY-28DC Inverter Spot Welder is a 16000A water-cooled spot welder. It has single sided welding, dent pulling and heat shrinking capabilities. This welder meets many manufacturer criteria, with a clamping capacity of over 500KG. Finance options Available.

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Inverter Spot Welder 16000A FY-28DC :

  • Designed to spot weld different types of steel, including double-layer and multi-layer high strength steel.
  • Double-sided C-type gun with double piston design allows 360° Rotation.
  • Automatic mains voltage monitoring, phase lack protection for input voltage.
  • Precise overheating protection.
  • Automatic precision  current testing system, to ensure the stability of related parameters.
  • Precision over current protection to ensure safety in usage.
  • Single-sided and Double-sided spot welding.
  • Various welding procedures are available such as shrinking, washer welding, dent pulling, spot-welding, flatting, wavy wire welding, stud welding, OT washer welding, and triangle washer welding.
  • Complete with air filter and regulator.
  • Uniquely designed gun cable support arm allows flexible movement with 360° rotation.
  • Branded original IGBT inverter imported from Europe.
  • Branded amorphous high frequency relay.
  • Water cooling system.
  • Digital graphic LCD monitor.
  • Large pulling hammer for dent pulling.
  • Step-less current regulation.
  • With single-pulse and multi-pulse modes applied to hundreds of welding processes.
  • Electrodes of C-type gun can be step-by-step opened or rapid closed.

Technical Data Inverter Spot Welder 16000A 

Technical Data FY-28DC Inverter Spot Welder 16000A
Input Voltage380V 50Hz +/- 10% 3 phase
Input Power30KVA
I RMS Power38A
Max Welding Current16000A
Max Plate Thickness Double Gun3mm + 3mm + 3mm
Max Plate Thickness Single Gun1mm + 1.5mm
Inverter Frequency2000Hz
Protection DegreeIP22
Air Supply6 - 8Bar
Welding Time0-700ms Pulsed
Cooling SystemAir (2 Fans), Compressor Air for weld cables; Water cooling for Clamp
Welding Cable Length Double Gun2.4m
Welding Cable Length Single Gun3m
Power Cable Length8m
Maximum Electrode Force8Bar 500DNA +/- 508KG
Double Gun Rotation360 Degrees
Double Gun Weight5.1KG
Dimensions (L x W x H)600mm x 680mm x 2030mm
Net Weight130KG